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Chapeltown in Bloom Projects

Memorial Garden

The Memorial Garden (next to Newton Hall) is a peaceful little garden that was previously closed to the public. Chapeltown in Bloom first arranged for it to be re-opened during daylight hours, thanks to the help of volunteer keyholders. After much work behind the scenes, a stewardship agreement has been set up with Sheffield City Council, for Chapeltown in Bloom to redesign and maintain the garden and shelter to the side.

Then followed an ambitious plan to re-develop the space for the people of Chapeltown. After intensive fundraising, a consultation period saw 84 questionnaires completed. Plans for the garden were then drafted based on what people wanted for the space. We are pleased that the garden is now open to the public during the day. Build on the partnerships with the schools and Church’s in the area. Particulary the use of the Garden by the Primary schools in Curriculum time. Increase the usage of the garden with other groups within the Community.

Old Man’s Hut

We are now trying to raise funds to improve the “old man’s hut” in the middle of Chapeltown which is very run down and in need of some tender loving care! We also use this for the “Santa’s Grotto” at Christmas.

Please “like” our comments on Facebook as this helps towards the consultation we have to do in order to fundraise. We want to get the stonework repaired, some extra bars and a shutter so that it can be locked at night.

Also some benches which would be very welcome for shoppers and visitors to Chapeltown.

Planters in Chapeltown

There are 40 planters in the centre, which Chapeltown in Bloom maintain and plant twice a year. During Summer 2018, we have the help with the planting from the 'Gardening club' - year 9 students from Ecclesfield school to help design and plant the area. They will be designing and planting one of the beds in front of the library - so keep an eye out!

Chapeltown in Bloom have created flower beds and maintain them at the bottom of Smith Street, this land is owned by British Rail, but we have taken it upon ourselves to look after it. Unfortunately we do have problems, such as keeping the grass cut and regrettably dog mess. Area at side of Hays Travel, we have cleared and planted different plants to tidy this area, and we must give our thanks to the landlord of the shops for erecting a water supply for us to use when we are in the area.


We have positioned one of the Anvils, which are sited at the bottom of the steps to Chapeltown Baths. These baths have closed and when the developers demolish the buildings in partnership with the Ecclesfield Parish Council, one of the Anvils will be sited in the garden to remind people visiting the garden of some of the history of Chapeltown.